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Welcome to                    Trails 'n Tails

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Dog Exercise, Socialization & Pet Sitting


The goal of Trails ‘n Tails is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating social environment for dogs and pets in our care. We are a small family business, established in 2009, located in Novato CA and take care of pets who live in Marin County. Our services have been designed with the health and happiness of your pet(s) in mind. Every dog who spends time at our home becomes part of our family...our fur family to be exact.


We have a variety of services available including group walk and play sessions, full days, overnight boarding in our home, overnight sitting in your home, individual walks, and even pet visits. While we only have dogs stay at our home and join our daily exercise and socialization activities, we are open to taking care of all pets including dogs, cats, birds, chickens, fish, rabbits, rodents, and even reptiles in their homes.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our business license is through the City of Novato and we are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. We are trained in pet first aid and CPR and we have completed a trails manner course through the Marin Humane Society. 


If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us for availability and rates at

415-602-2792 or

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Dog Exercise & Socialization

These sessions are designed for pups to play, exercise and socialize with their furry friends who share similar interests.

The group walk and play sessions are between two and four hours with pickup and drop off service from your home. The sessions include off-leash exercise at our home so the dogs can run around and release energy, wrestle time which is great for socialization, fetch time for those that love to chase, as well as leashed walks (weather permitting). Older pups or pups who are not high energy are welcome to expand their minds on all the smells and either sunbathe or find a comfy bed to take a rest in. The off-leash exercise at our home is similar to a dog park environment except it is under supervision to make sure all dogs are behaving appropriately and everyone knows one another.  Consistency is key with dogs! 


The great thing about our service is dogs experience different types of exercise and stimulation which help not only tire them out but also helps them learn social skills as well as leash skills.

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Full days are designed for pets that need extra playtime to release their energy. With this service, your dog(s) are picked up in the morning and returned in the mid to late afternoon. Your dog(s) will be gone between five to six hours and will enjoy all of the activities mentioned in the group walk and play session description. If you need us to watch your pup for longer it is possible if they are picked up in the evenings from our home. Puppies and dogs with a high energy drive are great candidates, but all dogs are welcome especially those that don’t like to be home alone all day.


Private Walks

Private walks are offered on a limited basis in Novato only. Private walks are for dogs that like more individualized attention or maybe a little slower pace walk.  These walks are done around your neighborhood and are typically 30 minutes in length although it can be arranged for additional time.

Overnight Boarding at Our Home

Overnight pet boarding in our home is a great way for your dog to spend time with a family while you are away. Since we are a home-based business, dogs are a part of our family when they stay with us. They are able to roam free in and out of the house when we are home but remain in the garage and side yard when we are not home. The garage has been designed for the dogs and has plenty of dog beds, blankets and toys. Kennels are always open for those dogs that want to camp out in them but we do not require dogs to stay in them unless their owners request it. We also have dog beds throughout the house so dogs get to choose where they want to relax. We have plenty of stainless steel dog bowls, leashes, toys, and friends so all we ask is you provide your dog's food. 


Exercising the dogs who stay with us is a priority because when they are tired they sleep at night which means we sleep at night too!! For the senior dogs, depending on their exercise level, we can easily adjust the length of the exercise or they can take a ride in one of the dog strollers we have (if they enjoy that type of travel). In addition to the walks, the dogs get to interact with the group walk and play session dogs and get lots of outside playtime with one another and fetching time with us (those dogs that don't want to or can't participate just hang out on the sidelines).


Since we are not always home, all dogs must be dog-friendly since they are left unattended for short amounts of time during the day. During the week families are able to drop off and pick up their pups between 9 am and noon and on the weekends they are able to pick up or drop off between 8:30 and 10:30 am or after 7 pm (since we are a home-based business we have specific times for families to come by so we have time for ourselves too!). All drop-offs and pickups need to be scheduled to make sure we are home and we aren't out and about on a walk. Pick up and drop off services for overnights are available in certain locations for a fee. We typically have families come by on Saturday afternoons to visit with us to make sure that we are the correct fit for your dog(s). 

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Pet Visits

Popular amongst cat and puppy owners, our in-home visits take care of all your pet’s needs. The visits include feedings, cage, aquarium or cat box maintenance, neighborhood walks for dogs, playtime for puppies and cats. Birds, fish, rodents, pot-bellied pigs and reptiles are welcome too. This service also includes minor household chores as well. Visits are typically between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the socialization requirement(s) of the animals.


Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home

Overnight pet sitting in your home is offered on a very limited basis because we are a small family business. Our service includes taking care of all your pet’s needs as well as completing any minor household chores. A private walk is included as well as lots of love and attention for your pet(s). We are bonded and insured so you can feel safe while you are away.

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Rules and Regulations

To ensure the safety of all pets and staff we do have some requirements for your pet. Dogs who participate in group walk and play sessions, full days, or overnight boarding in our home must be dog-friendly and healthy. All dogs need a collar or harness and a current license and ID tag. Dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and the recent dog flu vaccine that came out a few years ago (it is a two-step vaccination process that needs to be updated yearly). We will need a copy of your dog's shot records and a pet care agreement to be completed prior to services. We walk and play outside, so your dog(s) will need to be on a regular flea and tick treatment as well. Your dog(s) should be four months or older and if your dog(s) is over six months old, he or she must be spayed or neutered to participate in group walks. 


We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our business license is through the City of Novato and we are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. We are trained in pet first aid and CPR and we have completed a trails manner course through Marin Humane Society. 

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Contact Sam or Larissa


If you are interested in any of our services, please feel free to reach out to us via email, phone or text. 


Monday through Friday we try to respond to inquiries within 24 hours; however, on the weekends we may not get back to you until Monday.


If you would like to see the dogs in our care in action please visit our Instagram account at trailsntailspetcare (or click the see more link above!). 

Thank you in advance for your patience.

About Us

Hi! We are Larissa & Sam! 

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as the owners of Trails 'n Tails Dog Exercise, Socialization and Pet Care Services.


Larissa grew up in East Corte Madera with her older sister, Felicia, younger brother, Daniel, and both of her parents. Larissa and Daniel started Trails 'n Tails together in 2009 but Daniel moved to Santa Cruz in January of 2019 to pursue real estate with his wife Scarlett. Sam grew up in Tiburon and has two grown children and a grandchild!


Ironically, both Larissa and Sam graduated from Redwood High School in 1999 and 1977, respectively. Larissa graduated from Sonoma State University in 2004 and attained two Master's Degrees at Sonoma State University. Her first in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy) and her second in School Counseling. She also owns ACCEL Educational & Counseling services and works as a marriage and family therapist, clinical counselor, college counselor, credentialed school counselor and an educational therapist for clients in Marin.

In 2004, Larissa and Sam bought a home in Novato near San Marin High School where the dog business is located. Sam graduated from UC Berkeley in 1981 and had a successful career as a Certified Public Accountant and college professor until his genetic muscular disease made that life impossible to continue. 

Both Larissa and Sam have been avid animal lovers their entire lives. Sam has always had a dog as his companion in life and now has George, a rescued Porgie. Larissa’s two dogs passed away in 2015. Buckshot was a 15-year-old Golden Retriever and Rascal was a 13-year-old Boxer. Buckshot and Rascal were Larissa and Daniel’s inspiration to own Trails ‘n Tails because they were not only Larissa’s dogs but were her children as well. Buckshot and Rascal showed everyone, on a daily basis, what unconditional love and gratitude was as well as provided amazing life lessons. The boys showed Larissa, Sam and Daniel how important it is to be around animals and how much animals can help people be happy. 

We look forward to meeting the special animals in your life as well and promise to treat them and take care of them with the same love and respect as if they were our own.

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Our family moved to Novato in October 2012 and my first goal was to find a reliable pet sitter.  I was so fortunate to find Daniel and Larissa! We travel a lot and I fully trust them with boarding our dog and cat/house visits.  We have challenging cats and they have been more than accommodating! I can honestly say that I wouldn't know what we would do without their efficient and reliable pet services!

- Rebecca


Daniel, Larissa & Sam are over at Trails 'n Tails are hard working and fun loving. Our dog gets really excited anytime one of them arrives to take her out.  As soon as she hears the car pull up in the driveway she starts running

around in circles chasing her stubby little tail.  She comes home well exercised, happy, and she stays mellow through the evening.

-The Williams Family


Trails 'n Tails is the absolute best!  I've been using Daniel and Larissa for over a year now to walk my two dogs twice a week.  The dogs are always excited to see them walking up the driveway and come home happy and exhausted.  They answer emails and texts in record speeds and always accommodate any last minute changes I may have.  They are friendly, professional, and responsible. I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Judy W.


I would recommend Tails 'N Trails to any dog owner who is going out of town or just needs a safe/fun place for their dog. 

I contacted Daniel a few weeks before my family was leaving for vacation. I needed someone to walk my dog while I was at work. He fit me in his schedule and my dog was tired when I got home. Originally I found Tails 'n Trails through yelp. I'm happy I can now post a positive review after actually experiencing their services. Extremely good price for the level or service. I will use them in the future for my dog walking or boarding needs.

- Angeline T.


Larissa and Daniel are so caring and easy to work with. I am ALWAYS reluctant to leave my dog and all his anxieties with anyone other than my daughter.  This time we all went away together and we left our 3 pooches. It was obvious that they paid close attention and treated the pooches with love. They looked great and once I got them home they all passed out for a couple of hours so they obviously  had a great time. It's nice to finally have a place that I feel comfortable leaving my dog and don't have to worry while I'm gone. HIGHLY recommended.

- Denise B.


I have not enough words to say how much we love Larissa and Daniel, they're amazing with our dog Tyson, they accommodate our days in a very short notice if needed, never a complaint about that, they invited us to see their house when Tyson was going to stay overnight for the first night, and the best part is that they don't have a kennel like place, is truly like if your dog is staying at your own house, they treat him like if he was part of their family... thank you guys! One more thing is that they don't just walk him, but they also add a little bit of play time at their back yard and they're prices are very reasonable, looove them!  And of course Tyson loooves them!

- Blanche


We are so fortunate to have Daniel and Larissa as part of our extended family for over 4 years.  They are amazing, reliable and awesome. Remington runs to the door during the week to meet Daniel for his daily walk.  When we leave town (frequently-- sometimes with lots of planning and some time short notice), they are there for us/ Remington either at their home or ours.  We know he is in good hands and never worry about his care.


They love our dog as if it was their own and if we change plans they are totally flexible.  I can best summarize my appreciation for their care of our dog and flexibility through one day last summer, as I am driving home from work I call and tell them I need them to keep Remington overnight from his walk as I am driving to meet my husband at the hospital for ????.  They immediately take action and I have one less thing to worry about. While that is the most extreme of our asks, they are always there for Remington. 


I cannot imagine better caretakers / walkers / friends for our dog.  You will not regret using them for any pet care service, we don't!!!

- Marianne, Remington & Owen

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